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Modular Desk System

Modular desk system
Modular desk system
Modular corner desk system
Modular office desk with frosted glass divider panels
Modular workstations in an open office
Modular desk system colors
Cherry Modular Desks
EL Laminate Desking System
EL Laminate Desking
Product Number: Lair Desks
Product SKU: Lair Desks
Please call for availability: 262-691-8838

Product Description

Affordable options for creating your ideal workspace in a business or home office. Customizable Lair desks let you create an L-shaped desk, U-shaped corner desk, workstations along a wall or clumped together, or practically any other arrangement you can think up.

Pick your modular desk in any size from 48” (4 feet) to 72” (6 feet).

Space dividers and modesty panels keep things productive and professional in an open-concept office.

Add modular storage options including filing cabinets, shelving, drawers, and more.

Choose from four desktop finishes:

  • Dark walnut
  • Modern walnut
  • Tigerstripe
  • White

OFW is a full-service commercial office furniture supplier offering:

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