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Ergorise Desktop Riser

Ergorise Desktop Riser | Angled View
Ergorise Desktop Riser | Angled View
Ergorise Desktop Riser | Front View
Ergorise Desktop Riser | Collapsed Side View
Product Number: ER-DL1-3024-BK
Product SKU: OFW-ErgoriseDesktop
Call To Order:262-691-8838

Product Description

STABLE STANDING DESK: With just a light squeeze of the handle, the hovering system allows your adjustable desk to smoothly and easily adjust from a sitting to a standing position or any height in between.

LARGE SURFACE: The adjustable desk riser's large 26" x 31" work surface with keyboard tray give you all the room you need for your work materials and monitor.

ERGONOMIC: This height adjustable desk can be placed at any height, allowing you to easily transition from sitting to standing all while keeping your wrist and arms in a healthy position.

UP AND DOWN: This standing computer desk riser rises and folds without moving away from the desk, making it a perfect fit for any desk without modification.

QUALITY: This Ergorise office desk riser is constructed with high-quality durable materials for a sturdy and stable workstation even when fully extended.


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