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Customizable Cubicles (NEW)

Discount custom cubicles for sale in Milwaukee
Discount custom cubicles for sale in Milwaukee
modern cubicles for offices in Milwaukee
modern office cubicles with frosted glass panels Chicago
modern office workstation with shared desk and pedestal storage in Waukesha
Modern office cubicles for sale in Kenosha
three-person workstation with divider panels and under desk storage in Kenosha
modern standalone work cubicle with reception desk, glass panels, hutch and file cabinets in Madison
Cubicle with U-shaped desk and wood veneer hutch in Milwaukee office
modern cubicle with wall panels and corner desk in Green Bay WI
office cubicle with wood veneer wall panel and hutch in Pewaukee
cubicle with standing desk and storage cabinets Milwaukee
spacious modern cubicle with frosted glass privacy panels
office cubicle workstations with red divider panels and under desk pedestal storage
two cubicles with desks set up along a wall in a modern office in Madison Wisconsin
cubicles with doors and u-shaped desks in modern downtown Milwaukee office
row of modern grey cubicles with wood desks and storage cabinets
Product Number: OFW-RSI-CUBE (NEW)
Please call for availability: 262-691-8838

Product Description

Panel Based System That combines traditional Quality with Modern Lines and Finishes 

This system can accommodate both open collaborative areas and private environments making it the perfect furniture solution for any office!

Value and Flexibility!

Get your Custom System quoted today!

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