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66" Hutch

66" desk hutch with frosted glass cabinet doors
66" desk hutch with frosted glass cabinet doors
desk hutch for sale Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois
office desk with hutch for sale in West Allis
Product Number: C-LH-6641
Product SKU: C-LH-6641
Dimensions: 66.00" W 41.00" L
  • Mocha Cherry
Door Kits:
  • Laminate Door Kit + [$99.00]
  • Glass Door Kit for Bookcase + [$294.00]
Please call for availability: 262-691-8838

Product Description

Add a Hutch to your desk set and create a very impressive executive office set. The full Crescendo set with a hutch is designed to give the appearance of success. The Crescendo Hutch comes in a variety of styles. An open cabinet will display your personal items or company information. A wood door set will hide anything you would like to store and a frosted glass set in an aluminum frame will add contrast to the hutch and make a statement. Hutches can transform an everyday office into a spectacular working environment that provides a strong image of success.

  • Thick, durable laminate surfaces and dent-resistant edges
  • Includes 1 wire/cable grommets
  • Includes tackboard

We also offer overhead storage for the office which can be mounted to the wall or attach to your desk, work surface, or credenza.

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