Office Furniture Rental and Leasing Service

High Quality New and Used Furniture for Rent or Lease

Milwaukee Office Furniture RentalOffice Furniture Warehouse offers a convenient leasing program, ideal for small businesses and those with temporary offices or special projects. Shop our diverse selection of used and new office equipment to find attractive office furniture available for rent. Get the professional, modern look you want at a price you love, and keep it for as long as you need. Our professional, courteous, thorough installers will deliver and set up your new or used office equipment, and then remove it when your lease is up – you don’t have to lift a finger.

Contact Office Furniture Warehouse in Pewaukee or Office Furniture Warehouse in Kenosha to rent office furniture.

Office Furniture Warehouse Milwaukee

Office Furniture for Startups

If you’re just starting out and furnishing the office of your new business, you may not know exactly how you want the office to look, how many pieces you need, or what type of furniture will best meet your needs. Office furniture leasing allows you to temporarily provide workspaces for your employees while determining what you want long-term.

Does your business work best when employees have cubicles to help them focus or open workstations to collaborate with each other? Do you need desks and chairs for personal offices? Conference tables for meetings? File and storage cabinets? Try out different options before buying to make sure you’re getting the right office furniture for your business.

How Much Does It Cost to Lease Office Furniture?

The cost to rent office furniture varies depending on your needs. Leasing programs are structured based on number of pieces needed, estimated time frame of lease, and location. Our affordable office furniture rental program allows startups or businesses with temporary office space to continue functioning smoothly without spending a ton of money unnecessarily.

Lease vs Buy Office Furniture

Leasing offers a short-term, attractive solution to businesses who need professional equipment at affordable rates. Our inventory is purchased at closeout or overstock prices from companies in Pewaukee, Madison, Milwaukee, Kenosha, Menomonee Falls, Oconomowoc, and throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, ensuring low rental costs and prices far lower than retail. Take advantage of these low prices and lease affordable, attractive, professional equipment from Office Furniture Warehouse.

Affordable Office Furniture Rental in Kenosha, Southeast Wisconsin & Northern Illinois

From our Kenosha location we provide quality, low-priced leasing options on office desks, chairs, conference room furniture, convention furniture, workstations, reception furniture and much more. We serve the communities surrounding Kenosha including Waukegan, Crystal Lake, Pleasant Prairie, Burlington, Racine, Zion and many more!

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