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Desks Seating Cubicles Tables Reception Storage & Filling

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Office Moving Company For Wisconsin

Hire a professional office moving service from a family-owned business

Office Furniture Warehouse can handle office moves in the greater Milwaukee area and all of southeast Wisconsin. Whether you need to move a one-man shop or the contents of an entire office building, we handle all the logistics, heavy lifting and setup. Contact us for a FREE moving consultation.

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Office Moves in 5 Easy Steps!


Request a complimentary quote

  • Easy billing - fixed hourly rate per man-hour

Layout configuration

  • Our team will confirm the layout of your furniture and workstations at your new office location.

We call ahead

  • We check back in the day before to confirm details and our technicians will call 30 minutes before arrival time

The move

  • Our technicians handle all the details from disassembly, transportation, reconfiguration and final installation.

Sign off

  • After the disposal of any garbage and a thorough vacuum, we do a final walkthrough to ensure you're satisfied and have you sign off.

Corporate Office Movers in Wisconsin

With years of experience in the office furnishings industry, OFW has office relocations for Southeastern Wisconsin down to a science. Instead of hiring a national chain moving company, trust your local office moving company to aid in relocating your business. Contact us at location nearest you to confirm availability and request a quote. Our crew loves to exceed expectations!

Commercial Movers Who Handle It All, Including Office Design

We understand efficiency and organization are essential to minimize downtime and lost productivity in the workplace. Take advantage of our company’s office design service to help your business start strong in your new location. Before the relocation, we’ll meet with you to review the layout of your new office space. Just tell us your gotta haves and past workspace pain points so we can craft a layout that fits the goals of your business and its employees.

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Workstation & Cubicle Movers Ensure a Smooth Moving Experience

Whether you’re moving cubicles within your office, relocating or need the installation of new cubicles or workstations, OFW can help. Our experienced office moving team knows how to plan and execute cubicle and workstation moves including:



  • Your office furniture and workstations are handled with care, every time.

Packing & Transportation

  • OFW’s professional office moving team packs and transports your furniture without hiccup.

Unpacking & Reconfiguration

  • Our team can work with you to reconfigure the layout of your new office space to improve workplace productivity.


  • Smooth final installation and a detailed walkthrough so your team can get back to work without surprises.

We can reinstall your current workstations or decommission old workstations and supply new (or like-new) options for your new office space. Ask about our office furniture liquidation service and rental or lease-to-own programs. Moving cubicles and workstations is a task best left to office furniture professionals. Hire a local office furniture service company with a history of making office moves as painless as possible.

If you’re planning a move or just need to renew your current office space, Office Furniture Warehouse has the experience to help you save time and money.

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