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Office Furniture Liquidators

Unload Unwanted Office Furniture the Easy Way with OFW

Office Furniture Liquidators Milwaukee

We decommission offices of all sizes in Wisconsin & the entire Midwest.

Decommission your office space in just 3 steps with help from the office furniture experts:

  1. Take pictures of your unwanted office furniture--at least one photo representing each category (chairs, desks, filing cabinets, etc.)

  2. Make a list of the furniture.

  3. Contact an OFW store near you for further instructions.

Be sure to include the photos, inventory, office location, and deadline for removal in your email.

As a leading buyer of used office furniture, Office Furniture Warehouse provides liquidation and decommissioning services for businesses throughout the Midwest, including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Iowa from all of our locations.

You won’t have to worry about hiring manpower, moving furniture, finding a new home for your old furniture, or even renting a dumpster. We take care of every step to make vacating or relocating your office as easy as possible!

Office Space Decommissioning

We also accept decommissioned or depreciated office equipment in barter for the cost of decommissioning. We take used cubicles, chairs, desks, filing cabinets, conference tables, and more. No matter what you have, Office Furniture Warehouse will take it and offer you a fair price based on depreciation and future value. Even if your decommissioned equipment has no value, we’ll remove it for you.

Whether your office is closing its doors, moving, or growing and updating, sell your used office furniture to Office Furniture Warehouse. Offices in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Madison, Brookfield, and throughout the Midwest sell, barter, or donate liquidated furniture.

Office Furniture Warehouse Milwaukee

Liquidated Office Furniture Sales

Whether you’re a small business or a 1.2 million square foot warehouse, we’ll gladly remove your unwanted furniture. Office Furniture Warehouse is always on the lookout for used, like-new, or new office equipment at closeout or overstock prices. Our used office furniture liquidators in Pewaukee, Wisconsin, are the best way to sell your second hand desks and chairs.

We’re also the best place to buy new (or at least newer) office furniture to replace the old. Update or expand your office, or furnish your new business, with liquidated furniture from other businesses. You’ll save money without sacrificing quality with our used desks, chairs, cubicles, tables, storage, and other furniture. All our used and liquidated office furniture is thoroughly inspected to ensure excellent condition. And since we buy our inventory at liquidation or overstock prices, we’re able to sell back to you at a huge discount. Why pay more at a big box store for a lower quality piece of furniture?

How to Sell Your Old Office Furniture

Whether your company is moving, downsizing, divesting, restructuring, or just redecorating, when you sell your office furniture to OFW, everybody wins! Your unwanted furniture becomes an asset instead of a liability, and someone in need of quality pre-owned office furniture gets a great price.

To sell office furniture on your own, there are several steps you need to consider:

  • You can run an ad online and/or in print to find viable customers, or use an auction website to sell your unwanted furniture at a regional or national level. Either option is a considerable investment of your time better spent on your business.
  • Most people will probably only want to buy one or two pieces, so if you’re clearing out an entire office’s worth of furniture you’ll need to decide if you want to sell it off piecemeal or hold out for a buyer who will take it all.
  • Decide how much you need to charge, or pay, for picking up and shipping the furniture to its new location. Finding a shipper and coordinating the payment and delivery will be up to you, not the buyer.
  • Calling a national office furniture liquidator is an option, but you won’t get the same level of service you will at Office Furniture Warehouse. We’re a high-volume furniture dealer with outstanding customer service (and the testimonials to prove it!), and the resources and responsiveness to help you sell and remove your used office furniture fast.

Selling used office furniture on your own isn’t the best use of your time. Even if you decide to throw it out, you’ll wind up paying for a garbage bin and someone to haul it away. Skip the listings, logistics, and missed calls and just make one call: Office Furniture Warehouse.

How to Donate Office Furniture

You can join a local website serving your city by connecting people offering or looking for free items. You’ll need to create an account and log in to check postings and messages. It’s likely the person who needs your used furniture won’t have a way to transport it, so the burden of loading it up nd getting it from your office to its new home will fall on you.

There’s an easier way to get rid of surplus office furniture without wasting time or sending it to a landfill: call Office Furniture Warehouse today and we’ll take care of it for you. We provide quality second-hand furniture for non-profit organizations throughout Wisconsin and take pride in helping businesses reduce waste while supporting the community.

Call one of our stores today or contact us online with questions about office furniture liquidation.