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Many people dream of starting their own business, however many become overwhelmed by this massive undertaking. Office Furniture Warehouse can help transition you into your own business which you can be proud of. We believe everyone should get a shot at the American dream, we've made it astonishingly affordable to open the doors to YOUR own business. 

When Office Furniture Warehouse is on your side, you can be certain that you'll have the full support of our dedicated and experienced team.  Below is a summary of OFW and some of the benefits of opening an Office Furniture Warehouse franchise. We strongly encourage you to contact us if you have any questions, we would be happy to help. 

Mission & Value Statement

Office Furniture Warehouse provides ethical solutions while inspiring the next generation of leaders.

  • We serve with empathy, passion, and trust
  • We build long-term rewarding relationships
  • We lead by example every day
  • We value faith, family, community, and personal growth.
  • We strive to exceed your expectations

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Office Renewal Made Easy

Do you want to be part of something more?

Office Furniture Warehouse – Creating business opportunities in an untapped market.


Think of one full-service office furniture company that has a national presence…

There isn’t one…



Find a franchise that can be started for $75,000 …. Very rare.


There is tremendous economic growth; new businesses are starting, established businesses are expanding and updating their furniture.


Timing is everything – Be your own boss and be in control of your future with unlimited earning potential.


The first Office Furniture Warehouse locations have earned profits in excess of original business plan. You are working to advance your own net worth, not someone else’s.

Office Furniture Warehouse will position you very well in a profitable industry. The demand is there, the timing is right, and the profits are high!

Your Formula for Success

There are keys to being successful in any business. Office Furniture Warehouse has the formula.

Strong Business Model – Years have been spent developing this proven successful model. We have outsold many office furniture companies that have been in business for decades. We listened to what the consumer wanted and responded.

Training – The old saying; keep it simple applies. Our systems have been refined and are cookie-cutter simple. Administration and sales training, inventory purchasing and vendor selection, marketing and employee recruiting, delivery and installation, store location and layout are all mapped out for you. Questions? An expert will be available to help you 24/7.

Low cost inventory that is warehoused for free! – We buy many high turn items by the container and pass the savings along to you. We also do very large decommissions so you have access to the used inventory that you can tap into as needed. To help your cash flow, you have 30 days to pay for it!

Office Furniture Warehouse | Profitable Franchise Opportunity Nationwide

Powerful Marketing


Lead Flow – The Life of Any Business

The lifeblood of any business is having a consistent lead flow. Being part of the team will give you years of lead flow development experience and methodology. No guessing, no experimenting, no huge cash outlay – Easy.
Office Furniture Warehouse Lead Flow

Marketing Expert Working Daily for You

Office Furniture Warehouse employs a full-time marketing expert to manage your franchise marketing program. In today's ever-evolving world of internet marketing, it is very hard on your own to find the budget – in excess of $35,000 - just to begin developing and maintaining a consistent digital marketing campaign.
Marketing Expert Working Daily for You

Robust Marketing Working in Multiple Facets

You will have immediate support of a robust, state-of-the-art website and proven strategies that will drive leads. You will not have to spend time or money to develop your own marketing platform, nor will you be left with the burden of trial and error – just focus on making sales.
Office Furniture Warehouse Franchise Marketing

Marketing Makes It Happen!

A strong marketing program is a huge undertaking for any business. It requires a lot of capital, time, and expertise. OFW will provide you with a consistent lead flow, along with the training to convert those leads to sales. Being part of the OFW family takes the pressure off, allowing you to focus on making your business a success.

Hear it from our customers!

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Why OFW – Top 10 Reasons

Ten simple reasons why you should consider opening up your very own Office Furniture Warehouse location:

  • Find your purpose
  • Opportunity to Achieve Financial security
  • Turnkey business
  • 24/7 Consulting
  • Great Historic ROI
  • Freedom
  • Fun & Rewarding Career
  • Ability to save for retirement
  • Low start-up cost
  • Recession proof – Amazon proof

OFW Franchise FAQ's

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about starting an Office Furniture Warehouse franchise:

I am interested, how do I find out more? 

Call Pat Walters at (262) 424-7364. Pat will be more than happy to answer any questions and help you determine is an OFW franchise is right for you!

What are the requirements to purchase an OFW franchise? 

We look for people with well-rounded business backgrounds. This would include sales aptitude, financial management, personnel management and the ability to dedicate the time and effort necessary to build your business. 

A background in office furniture or retail sales experience is not required. We will give you all the tools and train you on every aspect of the business.

What is the total investment? 

The franchise fee is $50,000. It will require approximately $25,000 to secure your space, purchase display furniture and the equipment to operate your Office Furniture Warehouse franchise. In most cases, you can have your franchise operating with an investment of $75,000! 

How long does the entire process take to become a franchise? 

From the beginning of the process until you open the doors to your new franchise can be as little as 3 months. The average time frame is approximately 6 months. 

Does the franchisor provide a marketing program? 

The franchisor provides and maintains a robust marketing program and website to drive walk-in traffic, phone calls, live chat, and internet sales leads to your location. The amount of leads generated by these efforts varies from market to market depending on location, franchise participation, and a varies of other factors. 

Where do I get my inventory? 

We purchase containers and truckloads of new and used furniture at significant discounts. In addition, we have negotiated discounts with many vendors where you can order direct. 


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