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Office Furniture Warehouse Milwaukee Order height adjustable desks online below or stop by our office furniture warehouses in Kenosha or Pewaukee to see more standing desks and hi-lo tables. Due to the high demand for our used office furniture and limited run new products we can't always keep our whole inventory online.

Tell us what kind of standing desk or height-adjustable podium you're looking for and we've got it--for less!

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Height Adjustable Standing Desks for Sale in Pewaukee and Kenosha

Adjust Your Computer Desk to the Optimal Height for Better Posture

Office desks and tables with adjustable height give you the choice of sitting or standing while you work. Whether you’re looking for a standing desk for your home office or a workstation for an employee with a wheelchair, Office Furniture Warehouse in Pewaukee and Kenosha has exactly what you need.

A height adjustable desk can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Office Furniture Warehouse Milwaukee Standing desk
  • Extra workstation
  • Movable table
  • Podium
  • Desk top height extender for current desk
  • Ergonomics
  • Sit-stand desks
  • Fully adjustable standing desks
  • Veritask standing desks
  • Used standing desks
  • Electric height-adjustable tables
  • Desk top risers

Affordable Standing Desks for Kenosha Businesses & Home Offices

Standing desks for sale Milwaukee

Office Furniture Warehouse has clearance pricing on new and pre-owned height-adjustable desks perfect for your workspace. You can discover discount standing desks without resorting to cheap or damaged furniture.

Whether you’re looking for a table base you can raise or lower with the push of a button or a simple standing desk converter, you won’t find lower prices anywhere else.

Low Prices on Adjustable Standing Desks for Illinois Offices

OFW rents, delivers and installs sit-stand desks, adjustable height tables and cubicle standing desk risers throughout Wisconsin and Illinois.

Our incredibly low prices are an even better deal when you drive up from the Chicago area or anywhere in Northern Illinois. Pay no Wisconsin sales tax on your standing desk or other office furniture with delivery to Illinois!

Find driving directions from Waukegan, Rockford, Crystal Lake or Northbrook to our Kenosha office furniture store online or contact us today!

Modern Standing Computer Desk Helps Back Pain Sufferers

Sitting down for long periods puts much more pressure on your back than standing or working in a variety of positions. When you sit still, the discs cushioning your vertebrae are unevenly compressed, preventing them from absorbing blood and nutrients which happens during expansion.

Sitting at a desk does not encourage good posture. Most often, people who sit at work all day have slumped shoulders, a rounded spine, and have their head and neck pushed forward. This is not only terrible for circulation, it creates high levels of stress and tension in neck and back muscles.

Standing, on the other hand, relieves neck and back pressure and leads to better overall posture. Standing desks (also known as height adjustable desks, or high-low desks) allow you to work sitting or standing so you can change your position as needed.

Relieve your existing back and neck pain, or prevent onset of pain from chronic posture issues with an ergonomic adjustable height desk. You will also need to ensure your desk, computer screen, keyboard, and mouse are in comfortable positions to eliminate all unnecessary physical strain from your work day.

Ergonomic Desk Setup for Your Optimal Desk Height 

Most writing desks are about 28–30 inches tall, while computer desks should be lower or have a lower keyboard tray at around 24–28 inches. However, the optimal desk height varies depending on your height. The wrong desk height may lead to back and neck pain and other problems.

A few general rules of thumb to find a good desk height and reduce strain on your body:

  1. Rest your arms at your sides with your elbows bent at 90 degrees. Your hands should comfortably rest on the desk at this level.
  2. Raise or lower your computer monitor so the top of the screen is at your eye level.
  3. When you are seated at your desk, keep your knees at or slightly below the level of your hips and your feet flat on the floor. If your feet don’t reach the floor, try a footstool.

Ergonomic Workstation Evaluation Checklist

Use this simple ergonomic assessment tool to set up your workstation with ergonomic principles, and minimize your risk of developing back pain and other issues. When adjusting the height and position of your desk, keyboard, and computer chair, you should experiment to find the most comfortable arrangement. Your body will need time to get used to the changes, so be patient when creating a safe and comfortable workstation.

Your ergonomic workstation:

  • Allows your head and neck to be in alignment with your torso
  • Keeps face and body facing forward while working
  • Encourages torso to be perpendicular to the floor
  • Keeps shoulders relaxed, with upper arms and elbows close to body
  • Has top of screen at or below eye level, at a distance you can read without leaning forward
  • Has properly functioning equipment and accessories

Remember to vary computer tasks with other work activities, and to take regular small breaks for stretching and recovery when working at a desk. It’s also a good idea to look away from your monitor periodically to give your eyes a chance to rest briefly and rehydrate.

Contact the height adjustable desk suppliers at OFW in Pewaukee and Kenosha to get a desk the right height for you!