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Kudos (New) SKU: CTM-5800-B Details Moda (New) SKU: CTM-3130-B-AB Details Argos (New) SKU: CTM-5500B-CA Details Argos Drafting Stool (New) SKU: CTM-5505-B Details Opti (New) SKU: CTM-6000-B-TA Details Net (New) SKU: CTM-5600-B-SS Details Bravo (New) SKU: CTM-5000-B Details Ovo (New) SKU: CTM-4000-B Details Mojo (New) SKU: CEV-7130-B-BA Details Zen (New) SKU: CEL-7110-B-CA Details Pinnacle (New) SKU: CEL-7120-B-TA Details Maxim (New) SKU: CEL-7160-B-TA Details MaximLT Pleated Back (New) SKU: CEV-7260-B-TA-PL Details MaximLT Padded Back (New) SKU: CEV-7260-B-TA-PB Details MaximLT Mesh Back (New) SKU: CEV-7260-B-TA-MB Details MaximMT (New) SKU: CEV-7260-B-TA-MB Details Mahari (New) SKU: CEL-7190-B Details Ziggy (New) SKU: CMF-6400-B Details Fila (New) SKU: CSP-9200-CW Details Speedy (New) SKU: CSF6300B Details Speedy (Mobile) SKU: CSF6300B-MOB Details Octiv (New) SKU: CSF-2800-BK-SL Details Enso (New) SKU: CSF-2300-B Details Match - Standard (New) SKU: CSF-9100-B Details Match - Mobile (New) SKU: CSF-9100-B-MOB Details Strata (New) SKU: CSW-1931 Details Haiku (New) SKU: CSP-9700-BK Details Konnekt - Black (New) SKU: CSP-9400-BK-BK Details Konnekt - Silver (New) SKU: CSP-9400-BK-SL Details Konnekt Counter Height Version (New) SKU: CSP-9450-BK-BK Details Levengo Chair (New) SKU: CLL-1-1750BK Details Levengo 2 Seat Sofa (New) SKU: CLL-2-1750BK Details Levengo 3 Seat Sofa (New) SKU: CLL-3-1750BK Details "Zia" Reception Chair - Black (New) SKU: CLL-1-1770BK Details "Zia" 2 Seat Sofa (New) SKU: CLL-2-1770BK Details Chrome Square Seat Barstool (New) SKU: KB-22 Details Chrome Curved Seat Barstool (New) SKU: KB-24 Details Black Vinyl Armless Client Chair (New) SKU: B9505-CS Details Black Fabric Armless Client Chair (New) SKU: B9505BK Details Black Vinyl Client Chair (New) SKU: B9501-CS Details Black Fabric Client Chair (New) SKU: B9501-BK Details SX-W4321 (New) SKU: SX-W4321 Details HU-X2-03SHL (New) SKU: HU-X2-03SHL Details ES 5231-C (New) SKU: ES 5231-C Details KB-8901B (NEW) SKU: KB-8901B (NEW) Details SX-9082-1 (New) SKU: SX-9082-1 (New) Details Black Banquet Chairs (Used) SKU: Black Banquet Chairs (Used) Details Haworth Improv Side Chair - Speckled Blue (Used) SKU: Haworth Improv Side Chair - Speckled Blue (Used) Details Haworth Improv Side Chair - Speckled Grey (Used) SKU: Haworth Improv Side Chair - Speckled Grey (Used) Details Haworth Improv Side Chair - Red Pattern (Used) SKU: Haworth Improv Side Chair - Red Pattern (Used) Details

New and Used Chairs for Your Home Office or Company

Business Desk Chair for Sale WisconsinCheck out our selection of desk chairs for home offices, businesses, waiting rooms, reception areas, and more. Our wide variety of options makes us your one-stop shop for desk chairs and other seating for your company. At Office Furniture Warehouse, we supply executive chairs, task chairs, guest chairs, conference room seating, and waiting room seating from brands such as Compel Office Furniture.

Save Money on New and Used Desk Chairs

We offer brand new office chairs at remarkable prices, 40%-60% off regular retail cost. With over 100 different styles and finishes, including laminates and veneers, you’ll be able to find the perfect chair for your needs. If you want to save even more, check out our used desk chairs. These like-new seating options are high quality and in excellent condition.

Desk Chair Delivery and Installation

Whether you need a single chair for your home office, a few chairs for a waiting room, or a hundred chairs for your corporate office, our thorough and courteous installers will deliver, assemble, set up, and install all your office furniture. After we finish delivery and set-up, vacuum the office, and clean the furniture, the team leader will do a walk-through with you to ensure everything is the way you want it.

Rent desk chairs for your startup company or temporary business headquarters. We’re happy to set up your chairs, office desks, and other furniture, and we’ll remove it all at the end of the lease. Give your office a professional, organized appearance at a low price.

View all of our new and used office chairs for sale and lease. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know! We’ll get it for you in a week or less.

Used Office Furniture for Sale Wisconsin Office Furniture Warehouse Milwaukee

Task Chair Assembly and Set-up

It doesn’t matter if you need one task chair or one thousand, we have a huge selection of modern designs to choose from. Whether you’re purchasing or renting a task chair for your home office, or you need task chairs for your entire business, you’ll find the perfect design at the right price. Choose from modern task chairs with or without arms and find the perfect furnishing solution for your office. Take a look at all of our task chairs to find one that’s right for you.

Chic Guest Chairs for Your Home or Office

Keep your lobby, waiting room, conference room, or home office chic, modern, and comfortable with new office guest chairs. We carry a wide selection of guest chairs at affordable prices. Find designs to fit your office and prices to fit your budget.

View our huge selection of guest chairs to keep your guests comfortable and your office in style.

Ergonomic Office Chairs Help Prevent Back Pain Issues

Your ideal desk chair will support your body in key areas and promote healthy posture while sitting. Office Furniture Warehouse offers a wide variety of new and used chairs to work with your body and your budget. If you spend hours sitting every day, an ergonomic computer chair is an essential work tool!

Do you have your eye on a particular brand or style of chair? Let us know, and we’ll find it for you, for less! We’re constantly getting new inventory through overstock clearance and office liquidations. Contact OFW today and tell us what’s on your wish list!

Ergonomic Computer Chair Adjustments for Safety and Comfort

An ergonomic office chair should be adjustable within a range including slightly higher and lower than your perfect height. Ideally you can adjust your chair so your hips are slightly higher than your knees. OFW sells affordable new and used chairs with adjustable height cylinders featuring pneumatic adjustment.

For larger individuals, rather than using weight capacity as a guide to chair choice, it’s better to look for a comfortable size. Weight capacity is an important safety factor, however it’s also crucial to have at least one inch of “wiggle room” on the sides of your seat.

When you sit all the way back in your chair, there should be about an inch of space between the back of your knee and the forward edge of your seat. Some office chairs have a seat slider, and others have a back depth adjustment knob to reposition the back of the chair.

If using a chair with armrests, they should be adjustable to be moved out of the way when not needed. Armrests can also be moved for support while using a keyboard and mouse. An ergonomic keyboard position allows your elbows to remain near your sides, with your forearms at or below a line parallel to the ground.

Low Prices and High Quality

Whether you’re looking for a chair for your home office, CEO office, or the lobby of your medical office, we have it all at Office Furniture Warehouse in Pewaukee, WI. Shop our selection of task chairs, guest chairs, lounge seating, conference room meeting chairs, office chairs with or without wheels, and more. You’ll love our affordable prices on top quality new and used chairs and other office furniture.

Contact our Wisconsin office furniture warehouse for a quote on new or used desk chairs.